Transforming The Game

Now I think it is pretty obvious that when it comes to basketball, and even more importantly when it comes to basketball shoes, the name that we think of as a collective human race is Michael Jordan, and I think this is pretty much because Michael Jordan is the type of person who transformed the game of basketball and did something that no other basketball player has ever done before, which was become a billionaire. Now, let’s just try to put this in perspective right now, and the fact that Michael Jordan is a billionaire should show that he really is one of the richest people in the world from basketball shoe sales and being the owner of the Charlotte Hornets, and of course I think that when it comes to money and investing wisely Jordan has done pretty well for himself even though he tended to have a really bad gambling problem during his career in the 90s, but still Jordan has done some pretty interesting gambles in recent years and they have really paid off for him in big ways.

This is something that we should all revere Michael Jordan for because he has essentially been able to do something that all of the entire NBA has always dreamed that they could do in terms of accolades, championships and of course money. Now we could talk about Jordan’s life as a basketball player all that we want and that could be really entertaining, but these articles and blogs are not necessarily about Michael Jordan as a basketball player and it is mostly about his estate and royalties in terms of the type of money that he still is raking in on a yearly basis and how he is only getting richer and richer in the future. So if you just so happen to be a really big Michael Jordan fan, or maybe you are just interested in learning more about how rich this man is, then you definitely came to the right place because this entire list of articles is all about Michael Jordan’s estate and royalties, and that means that we are going to be talking about some serious money and acquisitions so stay tuned and look forward to learning all about Michael Jordan and how rich he is.

Now it’s been awhile since Michael Jordan was playing in the NBA, but for the most part the money that has made Jordan a billionaire came after his career ended and he started focusing on his Jordan brand that has become super famous through the help of Nike and all the shoes and shirts and merchandise in general that has made Jordan so famous, and so when we think about where all this money comes from a lot of it just comes from about 6% of the royalties that he gets through Nike for his Jordan sales, and that typically would equate to over $100 million per year, and that is a huge amount and just shows how popular the Jordan shoe brand is all around the world.

Of course the Jordan shoes have been around for awhile and Michael Jordan has always been making a bunch of money off of his shoes sales, and that will always be the case for the rest of his life because the Jordan brand is not going anywhere and will be around for a very long time even after he passes away most likely, and I think for the most part we all should just recognize that Michael Jordan is a really rich man and I mean really rich so let’s just respect this guy a lot and show credit where credit is due.

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