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When it comes to cool rich people the list is pretty short, and I don’t mean like your rich uncle status, I mean like billionaires and other people like that, and let’s be fair that the billionaires of the world are actually really freaking cool and they literally do whatever the hell they want because they have enough money to anything under the sun and even leave the earth temporarily if they want to, which I think is just awesome. But there is probably only one billionaire in the world who can literally fly, and you might not think of that guy at first, but when I tell you that it is Michael Jordan then that oh yeah, Air Jordan moment comes in and we think about a young Michael Jordan soaring through the air in one of his earlier dunk competitions and then seeing him stretch from the foul line to the hoop spreading out for that famous picture that then sent his brand flying into the stratosphere and up and out of here for the most amazing stories of all human history in terms of the amount of money that a basketball player can in earn in a lifetime.

Yes, it is definitely easy to say that Michael Jordan is the richest person to ever play in the NBA, and although he made most of his money outside of the NBA salaries that he created over the years for himself he still did make a good amount of credit for himself and solidified himself as the greatest ever, and just think about how much he can charge for being in a commercial, and I know you’ve seen him in commercials because he definitely rakes in from endorsements still, and not just from Nike. Of course in recent years people have been talking about his huge lawsuit with Nike and how he won a bunch of money a few years ago and how he has started to make a whole bunch of money through his Air Jordan brand that continues to be one of the most popular athletic clothing brand in the entire world and that is definitely a huge accomplishment in the apparel and fashion industry and it is just so crazy that Michael Jordan really did step in at the right time and then completely become something bigger than even his basketball self and emerged as the type of person who can even act in movies like Space Jam, which earned him 20 million dollars by the way just saying that is a whole bunch of loot to act with Bugs Bunny, and of course when it comes to doing everything that is definitely a really cool thing that he did and just look at the behind the scenes of Space Jam and you’ll see, that well duh Michael Jordan was one of the only humans in the entire film.

So yes, we are not here to just talk about Michael Jordan the myth the legend the all around greatest basketball player in the world, no we are also here to talk about the business man that is Michael Jordan and how his royalties and estate have grown so much in recent years, and how he was definitely the type of person who used his money very well and made so much in terms of what he was able to achieve during his lifetime, and what is really cool is that he is still making a bunch of money by owning the Charlotte Hornets right now, and I think that for the most part he is definitely thinking about raking in some big bucks for what he did through investing himself as the full time owner of the team, and overall it is just really epic that after all these years and after all the hardships and being away from the game Jordan still wants to hold up an NBA championship trophy through the Charlotte Hornets.

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