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There are a lot of different things that we can talk about when it comes to talking about someone as cool as Michael Jordan, and the thing is that for the most part what we are going to b discussing throughout all of these articles is just Michael Jordan’s estate and royalties, and although this is something that we all don’t always think about especially because we mostly only think of Michael Jordan as the type of person who just was really good at playing basketball, and that of course is something that we should all definitely consider because of course Michael Jordan was the best basketball player of all time and I really do think that when you look back at what Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, and Phil Jackson were able to accomplish during the 1990s it really is unbelievable and it goes to show just how good Michael Jordan was because when he was on the team they won, and when he went to play baseball for a couple years, which by the way was not the smartest move for Michael Jordan’s royalties and net worth, it still at the same time was something so unique and different, and of course that was at a time in Jordan’s life where he kind of wanted to throw away the dream of playing basketball for a living and went to play baseball.

Now, this might seem a little bit crazy to some people but the thing that I think was so cool about this was pretty much that Jordan decided that while he was in the prime of his career, seriously the prime of his career and he just won the NBA championship I think three years in a row, he decides to leave the NBA and play baseball and then he proves that he actually was pretty good at baseball and probably would have stayed in the minor leagues but still was definitely able to play in the minor leagues, the proved that he was definitely an extreme and unique athlete. Jordan showed that he was able to do things that other basketball players could not, and then the thing that was so great about it was that he came back and then won another three championships after returning from playing baseball, and he made 20 million dollars creating the movie Space Jam probably a year later. It was something that would written in a book, and it was written into history and it made Jordan a living legend forever, and I think because of the dramatic nature of his entire career, but still the legendary winning side of it, we don’t need to talk about the time he came back to Washington but that was still something that Jordan did and should be recognized, it still shows that his shoes were only going to rise and rise in style and that is something that made him and his royalties so expensive.

It was never going to be through the basketball, and the truth of the matter is that when it comes down to how Jordan was able to garnish up so many royalties and build the estate that he has today by being a really good fashion industry icon, and his brand definitely entered the fashion industry at a perfect time with Nike still being a young company and they just sent it to the stars and back together because everyone wanted to be like Mike, and that made him the most powerful advertising icon in a long, long time. And I think for the most part Michael Jordan likes to be on camera, and even today he is on camera all the time as the owner of the Charlotte Hornets and when he’s at the games, which sometimes isn’t even that often, he is always shown on the big screen for the fans.

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