Players Of All Times

There are definitely a bunch of ways that we could talk about Michael Jordan, and of course we all know Michael Jordan was the best basketball player of all time but a lot of us might not know that Michael Jordan is also one of the richest men in the world. Yes, it might not be obvious but Michael Jordan’s estate and overall royalties with Nike have him at a net worth that is over one billion dollars, and that of course makes him up there for some of the richest men in the world because there really are only a handful of billionaires in the world these days that always land at the burbank airport, but of course there definitely are billionaires. OK, now that we have established the facts let’s just try to compare a little about what has happened, and the truth of the matter is that once Michael Jordan left and officially retired from the game of basketball he really started raking in the money through his Air Jordan brand, and in 2014 alone he made more money through his sneakers and shoe line than he did throughout his entire NBA career through his player salaries, and now that is saying something about how popular the Air Jordan brand is, how much it in total brings in and of course the royalties that Michael Jordan gets to cash in every time someone buys a pair of his sneakers, and of course it all does make sense and Michael only does get a small percentage of the overall pie of Air Jordan’s earnings, but still he gets a lot of money through that one small percentage and sometimes that helps him make well over one hundred millions dollars per year. Of course Michael Jordan is back at it in the NBA as the owner of the Charlotte Hornets, and now that the Hornets have changed their name from the Bobcats, which Michael originally bought it as, they have definitely at least doubled in overall value for the rights of the franchise and that means that Michael has already doubled his investment in buying the team just a few years ago, and that just shows that pretty much everything Jordan touches turns to gold, and that is just kind of how this guy has always lived his life.

He is like King Midas in the Bible or whatever, and Jordan is seriously someone who is a marketing person’s best dream because he is so marketable, but of course Michael Jordan was not always the best influence, and there is a lot that has definitely been covered up for the most part about Michael Jordan to the general public, but that really shouldn’t be all that big of a surprise given that a lot of Michael Jordan’s problems have come clean to the public like his gambling addiction, his affairs and things like that. Michael Jordan was a player and that is pretty much the reason why he is divorced now, and I really don’t think he is going to get married again, but actually I could see it happening because he definitely is getting older now and is probably going to want to get laid every night or at least experience some kind of love again, and maybe that is what he needs right now most in his life, but who knows exactly what will be happening to someone like Michael Jordan because when it comes down to it we all think of his estate and his royalties and things like that but what exactly is Michael Jordan going to do when he dies? That is pretty much the big question about his estate and I guess we will only find out when he passes away, which hopefully isn’t for a very long time now.

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