MJ Billionaire

There are definitely a lot of things we can talk about when it comes to talking about Michael Jordan and everyone knows that Michael Jordan is by far the greatest of all time as a basketball player, but not everyone knows that Michael Jordan actually is the greatest of all time as a basketball business man. So for the most part throughout all of these articles and blogs on this site we have primarily focused on Michael Jordan’s net worth and royalties and estate in general, and it is kind of crazy to think that Michael Jordan is now a billionaire because it really is hard to make it to that point as any type of business man, but he sure as hell has made it to that point with his estate, and his royalties that makes through Nike is a huge part of that, and I think the fact that he doesn’t really spend his money so fervently but actually spends the majority of his money just investing in more and more money.

Let’s be honest know that when it comes to how Michael Jordan was able to make all of his money he did get pretty lucky in terms of his investments and his stakes and claims in so many different companies and things like that and a lot of people might not realize that Jordan is also the type of business man who has invested in a bunch of different or at least seven different restaurants and so that kind of makes Michael Jordan a restaurant connoisseur. I don’t think a lot of people really know about this but Michael Jordan also owns a car dealership, and although that isn’t really something that is all that out of the ordinary for a sports icon to do it still does make him some money, but of course the most of his money comes from the Air Jordan brand and his royalty checks from Nike and of course his stakes in the Charlotte Hornets as the majority share holder of their franchise’s ownership.

I think that it really is an awesome feeling for someone like him to not really have to work hard at all, or at least no where near as hard as he worked during his basketball career, and then just rake in millions of dollars per week, and that is kind of what is so crazy about all of this is that Michael Jordan seriously raked in about 2 million dollars per week in 2014. How much do you typically make in a week? Me, not so much, and the facts that we are even thinking about someone who makes that much money in that short of an amount of time is just absolutely crazy, but of course that is just the life of Michael Jordan, and he doesn’t have to do anything but whatever the hell he wants to make that 2 million per week and that is the craziest part about it. He spent 2 million on his wedding. He rakes in royalty checks from Nike like their welfare checks, except their for huge amounts of money, and I know that for the most part these articles have been talking a lot about Michael Jordan and all of his royalties and all of his money and things like that, but of course we must consider that his estate in general is worth over 1 billion dollars and that means that we should definitely start to consider the facts that when he eventually passes away, which is definitely going to happen one of these days, we should have to consider what is going to happen to all of his money. I think a lot of it will go to his family and of course basketball in some way or another, but he will also probably donate a lot of his money because he simply just has so much of it that he might as well do something really special with it, and I just hope that people will continue to keep the Michael Jordan in the proper place in history and time that it should be in, and that is at the pinnacle and the top of the stratosphere with the gods.

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