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Now we all know that these groups of articles and blogs have been all about Michael Jordan’s royalties and estate and things like that, and I think it is important for us to start to take into consideration just how much his brand Air Jordan makes and how popular his symbol has become to people everywhere, and the truth is that is world known and that was definitely not as easily expected, but of course people are always just buying his new shoes like crazy, and it is kind of weird that people are so crazy about getting the newest and the greatest Air Jordan sneaker, but of course people do really like them and they are always coming out like a video game or something, and it’s just like the new Xbox comes out when the new Air Jordan sneakers come out, and I think that a lot of people don’t always quite understand that Jordan was an innovative person who did things really differently than any other basketball player that came before him, and now we kind of see LeBron James trying to be like Mike in certain ways but I think LeBron has definitely become pretty complacent in recent years and of course he is still playing and just focusing as much as he can on the game, while Michael Jordan was just so good he could do a bunch of commercials, make a huge kid’s movie and then all of a sudden just get involved with something really awesome like winning a bunch of championships in a row. I think in terms of LeBron, and trust me I hate comparing them, he is not going to catch Jordan and knows he won’t so he is just trying to get at least one championship for Cleveland and it is true that he is definitely helping their entire economy and brings life to the city, so that is really important because he is more than just a basketball player to the city of Cleveland, and Michael Jordan was the same way in Chicago and even in North Carolina where he grew up and played college basketball, and what’s so crazy is that he is now back in North Carolina giving back to his home state by owning the Charlotte Hornets and trying to bring Charlotte a championship. Jordan is just the greatest ever and he is such a great role model for so many people that his advertising was just gold and it is pretty safe to say that Michael Jordan is a business himself and that is obviously just the right thing to do when you think about it or him as a business icon and more than a basketball player.

So if you are the type of person who is a really big Michael Jordan fan then you definitely will like these articles because they are all about Michael Jordan’s estate and royalties and how much money he was able to create, which is in the billions now and of course how he was able to do so, which I’m sure you can start to wrap your head around after all of these articles. But let’s just put something or two into perspective a little bit better and that is that Michael Jordan is a legend and a living one at that and he is only going to continue to grow more and more in wealth with all of his royalties from Nike and Air Jordan, and he really lives the live, even as the owner of the Hornets, because both of those jobs are jobs in which he doesn’t really have to do anything but still makes a ton of money, and just think about how epic that is that he can just be partying around and not doing anything and then be like heck yeah I just made 2 million dollars this week. That’s the life of Michael Jordan, and only a few people in the world have been able to accomplish what he has financially.

So we are really happy to have you here on this site learning all about Michael Jordan because as everyone knows Michael Jordan is the freaking man and there is no one who will ever step on his Airness.

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