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There are definitely a lot of things we can talk about when it comes to talking about Michael Jordan and everyone knows that Michael Jordan is by far the greatest of all time as a basketball player, but not everyone knows that Michael Jordan actually is the greatest of all time as a basketball business man. So for the most part throughout all of these articles and blogs on this site we have primarily focused on Michael Jordan’s net worth and royalties and estate in general, and it is kind of crazy to think that Michael Jordan is now a billionaire because it really is hard to make it to that point as any type of business man, but he sure as hell has made it to that point with his estate, and his royalties that makes through Nike is a huge part of that, and I think the fact that he doesn’t really spend his money so fervently but actually spends the majority of his money just investing in more and more money.

Let’s be honest know that when it comes to how Michael Jordan was able to make all of his money he did get pretty lucky in terms of his investments and his stakes and claims in so many different companies and things like that and a lot of people might not realize that Jordan is also the type of business man who has invested in a bunch of different or at least seven different restaurants and so that kind of makes Michael Jordan a restaurant connoisseur. I don’t think a lot of people really know about this but Michael Jordan also owns a car dealership, and although that isn’t really something that is all that out of the ordinary for a sports icon to do it still does make him some money, but of course the most of his money comes from the Air Jordan brand and his royalty checks from Nike and of course his stakes in the Charlotte Hornets as the majority share holder of their franchise’s ownership.

I think that it really is an awesome feeling for someone like him to not really have to work hard at all, or at least no where near as hard as he worked during his basketball career, and then just rake in millions of dollars per week, and that is kind of what is so crazy about all of this is that Michael Jordan seriously raked in about 2 million dollars per week in 2014. How much do you typically make in a week? Me, not so much, and the facts that we are even thinking about someone who makes that much money in that short of an amount of time is just absolutely crazy, but of course that is just the life of Michael Jordan, and he doesn’t have to do anything but whatever the hell he wants to make that 2 million per week and that is the craziest part about it. He spent 2 million on his wedding. He rakes in royalty checks from Nike like their welfare checks, except their for huge amounts of money, and I know that for the most part these articles have been talking a lot about Michael Jordan and all of his royalties and all of his money and things like that, but of course we must consider that his estate in general is worth over 1 billion dollars and that means that we should definitely start to consider the facts that when he eventually passes away, which is definitely going to happen one of these days, we should have to consider what is going to happen to all of his money. I think a lot of it will go to his family and of course basketball in some way or another, but he will also probably donate a lot of his money because he simply just has so much of it that he might as well do something really special with it, and I just hope that people will continue to keep the Michael Jordan in the proper place in history and time that it should be in, and that is at the pinnacle and the top of the stratosphere with the gods.

LeBron James

Now we all know that these groups of articles and blogs have been all about Michael Jordan’s royalties and estate and things like that, and I think it is important for us to start to take into consideration just how much his brand Air Jordan makes and how popular his symbol has become to people everywhere, and the truth is that is world known and that was definitely not as easily expected, but of course people are always just buying his new shoes like crazy, and it is kind of weird that people are so crazy about getting the newest and the greatest Air Jordan sneaker, but of course people do really like them and they are always coming out like a video game or something, and it’s just like the new Xbox comes out when the new Air Jordan sneakers come out, and I think that a lot of people don’t always quite understand that Jordan was an innovative person who did things really differently than any other basketball player that came before him, and now we kind of see LeBron James trying to be like Mike in certain ways but I think LeBron has definitely become pretty complacent in recent years and of course he is still playing and just focusing as much as he can on the game, while Michael Jordan was just so good he could do a bunch of commercials, make a huge kid’s movie and then all of a sudden just get involved with something really awesome like winning a bunch of championships in a row. I think in terms of LeBron, and trust me I hate comparing them, he is not going to catch Jordan and knows he won’t so he is just trying to get at least one championship for Cleveland and it is true that he is definitely helping their entire economy and brings life to the city, so that is really important because he is more than just a basketball player to the city of Cleveland, and Michael Jordan was the same way in Chicago and even in North Carolina where he grew up and played college basketball, and what’s so crazy is that he is now back in North Carolina giving back to his home state by owning the Charlotte Hornets and trying to bring Charlotte a championship. Jordan is just the greatest ever and he is such a great role model for so many people that his advertising was just gold and it is pretty safe to say that Michael Jordan is a business himself and that is obviously just the right thing to do when you think about it or him as a business icon and more than a basketball player.

So if you are the type of person who is a really big Michael Jordan fan then you definitely will like these articles because they are all about Michael Jordan’s estate and royalties and how much money he was able to create, which is in the billions now and of course how he was able to do so, which I’m sure you can start to wrap your head around after all of these articles. But let’s just put something or two into perspective a little bit better and that is that Michael Jordan is a legend and a living one at that and he is only going to continue to grow more and more in wealth with all of his royalties from Nike and Air Jordan, and he really lives the live, even as the owner of the Hornets, because both of those jobs are jobs in which he doesn’t really have to do anything but still makes a ton of money, and just think about how epic that is that he can just be partying around and not doing anything and then be like heck yeah I just made 2 million dollars this week. That’s the life of Michael Jordan, and only a few people in the world have been able to accomplish what he has financially.

So we are really happy to have you here on this site learning all about Michael Jordan because as everyone knows Michael Jordan is the freaking man and there is no one who will ever step on his Airness.

Players Of All Times

There are definitely a bunch of ways that we could talk about Michael Jordan, and of course we all know Michael Jordan was the best basketball player of all time but a lot of us might not know that Michael Jordan is also one of the richest men in the world. Yes, it might not be obvious but Michael Jordan’s estate and overall royalties with Nike have him at a net worth that is over one billion dollars, and that of course makes him up there for some of the richest men in the world because there really are only a handful of billionaires in the world these days that always land at the burbank airport, but of course there definitely are billionaires. OK, now that we have established the facts let’s just try to compare a little about what has happened, and the truth of the matter is that once Michael Jordan left and officially retired from the game of basketball he really started raking in the money through his Air Jordan brand, and in 2014 alone he made more money through his sneakers and shoe line than he did throughout his entire NBA career through his player salaries, and now that is saying something about how popular the Air Jordan brand is, how much it in total brings in and of course the royalties that Michael Jordan gets to cash in every time someone buys a pair of his sneakers, and of course it all does make sense and Michael only does get a small percentage of the overall pie of Air Jordan’s earnings, but still he gets a lot of money through that one small percentage and sometimes that helps him make well over one hundred millions dollars per year. Of course Michael Jordan is back at it in the NBA as the owner of the Charlotte Hornets, and now that the Hornets have changed their name from the Bobcats, which Michael originally bought it as, they have definitely at least doubled in overall value for the rights of the franchise and that means that Michael has already doubled his investment in buying the team just a few years ago, and that just shows that pretty much everything Jordan touches turns to gold, and that is just kind of how this guy has always lived his life.

He is like King Midas in the Bible or whatever, and Jordan is seriously someone who is a marketing person’s best dream because he is so marketable, but of course Michael Jordan was not always the best influence, and there is a lot that has definitely been covered up for the most part about Michael Jordan to the general public, but that really shouldn’t be all that big of a surprise given that a lot of Michael Jordan’s problems have come clean to the public like his gambling addiction, his affairs and things like that. Michael Jordan was a player and that is pretty much the reason why he is divorced now, and I really don’t think he is going to get married again, but actually I could see it happening because he definitely is getting older now and is probably going to want to get laid every night or at least experience some kind of love again, and maybe that is what he needs right now most in his life, but who knows exactly what will be happening to someone like Michael Jordan because when it comes down to it we all think of his estate and his royalties and things like that but what exactly is Michael Jordan going to do when he dies? That is pretty much the big question about his estate and I guess we will only find out when he passes away, which hopefully isn’t for a very long time now.

The Estate

There are a lot of different things that we can talk about when it comes to talking about someone as cool as Michael Jordan, and the thing is that for the most part what we are going to b discussing throughout all of these articles is just Michael Jordan’s estate and royalties, and although this is something that we all don’t always think about especially because we mostly only think of Michael Jordan as the type of person who just was really good at playing basketball, and that of course is something that we should all definitely consider because of course Michael Jordan was the best basketball player of all time and I really do think that when you look back at what Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, and Phil Jackson were able to accomplish during the 1990s it really is unbelievable and it goes to show just how good Michael Jordan was because when he was on the team they won, and when he went to play baseball for a couple years, which by the way was not the smartest move for Michael Jordan’s royalties and net worth, it still at the same time was something so unique and different, and of course that was at a time in Jordan’s life where he kind of wanted to throw away the dream of playing basketball for a living and went to play baseball.

Now, this might seem a little bit crazy to some people but the thing that I think was so cool about this was pretty much that Jordan decided that while he was in the prime of his career, seriously the prime of his career and he just won the NBA championship I think three years in a row, he decides to leave the NBA and play baseball and then he proves that he actually was pretty good at baseball and probably would have stayed in the minor leagues but still was definitely able to play in the minor leagues, the proved that he was definitely an extreme and unique athlete. Jordan showed that he was able to do things that other basketball players could not, and then the thing that was so great about it was that he came back and then won another three championships after returning from playing baseball, and he made 20 million dollars creating the movie Space Jam probably a year later. It was something that would written in a book, and it was written into history and it made Jordan a living legend forever, and I think because of the dramatic nature of his entire career, but still the legendary winning side of it, we don’t need to talk about the time he came back to Washington but that was still something that Jordan did and should be recognized, it still shows that his shoes were only going to rise and rise in style and that is something that made him and his royalties so expensive.

It was never going to be through the basketball, and the truth of the matter is that when it comes down to how Jordan was able to garnish up so many royalties and build the estate that he has today by being a really good fashion industry icon, and his brand definitely entered the fashion industry at a perfect time with Nike still being a young company and they just sent it to the stars and back together because everyone wanted to be like Mike, and that made him the most powerful advertising icon in a long, long time. And I think for the most part Michael Jordan likes to be on camera, and even today he is on camera all the time as the owner of the Charlotte Hornets and when he’s at the games, which sometimes isn’t even that often, he is always shown on the big screen for the fans.

The Hornets

When it comes to cool rich people the list is pretty short, and I don’t mean like your rich uncle status, I mean like billionaires and other people like that, and let’s be fair that the billionaires of the world are actually really freaking cool and they literally do whatever the hell they want because they have enough money to anything under the sun and even leave the earth temporarily if they want to, which I think is just awesome. But there is probably only one billionaire in the world who can literally fly, and you might not think of that guy at first, but when I tell you that it is Michael Jordan then that oh yeah, Air Jordan moment comes in and we think about a young Michael Jordan soaring through the air in one of his earlier dunk competitions and then seeing him stretch from the foul line to the hoop spreading out for that famous picture that then sent his brand flying into the stratosphere and up and out of here for the most amazing stories of all human history in terms of the amount of money that a basketball player can in earn in a lifetime.

Yes, it is definitely easy to say that Michael Jordan is the richest person to ever play in the NBA, and although he made most of his money outside of the NBA salaries that he created over the years for himself he still did make a good amount of credit for himself and solidified himself as the greatest ever, and just think about how much he can charge for being in a commercial, and I know you’ve seen him in commercials because he definitely rakes in from endorsements still, and not just from Nike. Of course in recent years people have been talking about his huge lawsuit with Nike and how he won a bunch of money a few years ago and how he has started to make a whole bunch of money through his Air Jordan brand that continues to be one of the most popular athletic clothing brand in the entire world and that is definitely a huge accomplishment in the apparel and fashion industry and it is just so crazy that Michael Jordan really did step in at the right time and then completely become something bigger than even his basketball self and emerged as the type of person who can even act in movies like Space Jam, which earned him 20 million dollars by the way just saying that is a whole bunch of loot to act with Bugs Bunny, and of course when it comes to doing everything that is definitely a really cool thing that he did and just look at the behind the scenes of Space Jam and you’ll see, that well duh Michael Jordan was one of the only humans in the entire film.

So yes, we are not here to just talk about Michael Jordan the myth the legend the all around greatest basketball player in the world, no we are also here to talk about the business man that is Michael Jordan and how his royalties and estate have grown so much in recent years, and how he was definitely the type of person who used his money very well and made so much in terms of what he was able to achieve during his lifetime, and what is really cool is that he is still making a bunch of money by owning the Charlotte Hornets right now, and I think that for the most part he is definitely thinking about raking in some big bucks for what he did through investing himself as the full time owner of the team, and overall it is just really epic that after all these years and after all the hardships and being away from the game Jordan still wants to hold up an NBA championship trophy through the Charlotte Hornets.

Transforming The Game

Now I think it is pretty obvious that when it comes to basketball, and even more importantly when it comes to basketball shoes, the name that we think of as a collective human race is Michael Jordan, and I think this is pretty much because Michael Jordan is the type of person who transformed the game of basketball and did something that no other basketball player has ever done before, which was become a billionaire. Now, let’s just try to put this in perspective right now, and the fact that Michael Jordan is a billionaire should show that he really is one of the richest people in the world from basketball shoe sales and being the owner of the Charlotte Hornets, and of course I think that when it comes to money and investing wisely Jordan has done pretty well for himself even though he tended to have a really bad gambling problem during his career in the 90s, but still Jordan has done some pretty interesting gambles in recent years and they have really paid off for him in big ways.

This is something that we should all revere Michael Jordan for because he has essentially been able to do something that all of the entire NBA has always dreamed that they could do in terms of accolades, championships and of course money. Now we could talk about Jordan’s life as a basketball player all that we want and that could be really entertaining, but these articles and blogs are not necessarily about Michael Jordan as a basketball player and it is mostly about his estate and royalties in terms of the type of money that he still is raking in on a yearly basis and how he is only getting richer and richer in the future. So if you just so happen to be a really big Michael Jordan fan, or maybe you are just interested in learning more about how rich this man is, then you definitely came to the right place because this entire list of articles is all about Michael Jordan’s estate and royalties, and that means that we are going to be talking about some serious money and acquisitions so stay tuned and look forward to learning all about Michael Jordan and how rich he is.

Now it’s been awhile since Michael Jordan was playing in the NBA, but for the most part the money that has made Jordan a billionaire came after his career ended and he started focusing on his Jordan brand that has become super famous through the help of Nike and all the shoes and shirts and merchandise in general that has made Jordan so famous, and so when we think about where all this money comes from a lot of it just comes from about 6% of the royalties that he gets through Nike for his Jordan sales, and that typically would equate to over $100 million per year, and that is a huge amount and just shows how popular the Jordan shoe brand is all around the world.

Of course the Jordan shoes have been around for awhile and Michael Jordan has always been making a bunch of money off of his shoes sales, and that will always be the case for the rest of his life because the Jordan brand is not going anywhere and will be around for a very long time even after he passes away most likely, and I think for the most part we all should just recognize that Michael Jordan is a really rich man and I mean really rich so let’s just respect this guy a lot and show credit where credit is due.

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